We are better because of you.

Women are mothering everywhere and often do not realize the significance of their care. However, our world desperately needs it and we are better for it (see my last post).

I captured this photo, when I dropped my youngest son off at school yesterday.

I paused in this moment because gratefulness consumed my heart. God’s goodness is abundant in this space of my son’s life. School was not an easy transition or adjustment for my Buddy, but five women stepped into the sweet spots and hard places to nurture him. These women are conduits of God’s goodness in our son’s life and have faithfully served him five days a week. Our family is richer because of the mothering of these women. I arrived home afterwards, with coffee still remaining in my beloved mug, and praising God for only what He could orchestrate.

Words of thankfulness grew within me. And before I knew it me and my Side-Kick had created a very modest homemade gift.

A small gesture to remind them they are seen and what they do immensely matters.

For every woman who mothers her friend’s children, her grandchildren, nieces and nephews, the students in her classroom, fosters, teaches piano lessons, leads a small group...in all the ways and places you mother, know we are better for it.

We honor you on this Mother’s Day weekend and the following is dedicated to you...

“To the Woman who mothers my child
when I’m not there,
Thank you for your loving care.
When you call to say
All is right,
You bring comfort when out of sight.
It takes a special woman
To bandage the wounds,
Of a child not grown from her womb.
Never doubt the significance
Of the work you do,
Lives are richer because of your unique hue.”
Happy Mothers Day to You!

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