To the Caregiving Mama with love.

TO THE MAMA who sees the encouraging accounts explaining her days would be much better if she’d take time to get herself ready every single morning.

And, she silently sighs with sadness.

TO THE MAMA who sees the beautiful accounts saying her life would function much better if she was consistent with a cleaning schedule and taught her children to be more independent by helping with it.

And, she silently agrees with a sigh of sadness.

TO THE MAMA who still attempts to listen to motherhood podcasts, read motherhood blogs and books, attend small groups, and nods in agreement while sadness stings her heart.

For what is true and helpful for the majority of mothers is a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit into her purposefully authored story she faithfully stewards.

With years of accumulated lack of sleep held high within her messy bun, she begins another unpredictable day of caregiving mama stewardship with HOPE SEWN within HER SOUL...

While redirecting behaviors, teaching functional skills broken down to the tiniest steps, and administering morning medicines right on time...

While cleaning up her favorite, now shattered, mug and twice-reheated coffee, that her child threw as a way to communicate his frustration that her desperate attempts to understand what he needed were failing once again...

While advocating for benefits during another long and disappointing phone call with insurance...

While teaching multiplication facts to her typical developing homeschooled children and simultaneously nursing her baby...

While preparing desensitization steps for the next food therapy meal-time session and praying for just one bite of progress...

While celebrating the “tiniest-huge” progress with song, dance, and tears because her consistent investment to yield this took years...

While witnessing her typical children enter into their sibling’s unique world and play, laugh, and bond in unconventional, glorious ways that comfort her heart in just the right way...


You haven’t given up longer than a minute (on those TWO occasions when you were finally treated with a trip to relieve yourself in the bathroom).

With God as your only Respite-Place, you are flourishing and thriving in ways that others can’t see because your roots in Him are growing down so deep.

When you keep going despite your exhaustion, your life sings JESUS-STRENGTH-SONGS.

When you keep returning to Jesus with your disappointment, your life sings JESUS-TRUST-TUNES.

When you keep praising Him in the middle of your overwhelm, your life sings JESUS-VICTORY-MELODIES.

You aren’t forgotten, left behind, or left out. Don’t worry when others don’t “get it.”

It’s just those common strategies and typical tricks can’t contain the GLORIOUS STEWARDSHIP you’ve been appointed to.

Instead, what you’ve found never quits or lacks. And your beautiful and dark moments are safely held there...

You reside in quiet pastures and still waters where you are always welcomed, guided, carried, comforted, and celebrated by your Good Shepherd.

Keep looking at only Him because He’s got you.

Steward on, Mama. Steward on...You are loved.


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