Soul-Scorching to Soul-Refining Summers as a Caregiving Mom

Quite honestly, as a Caregiving Mom, summer can be overwhelming and utterly exhausting with the lack of respite care and the trigger of grief it can bring.

Summer adventures, vacations, a park trip, or even a family walk are not always a reality for caregiving families. It seems like the rest of the world is having fun, easily moving from one fun bucket list item to the next, yet here we are stuck in the monotony of our days.

The grief sets in like a wave as reality strikes our expectations and the familiar feeling of disappointment sets in yet again. Comparison can sneak in through the disappointment simmering in our hearts and breed loneliness, weariness, discouragement, hopelessness, and defeat.

I learned what helps recover my soul from disappointment and overwhelm is to remain honest with God by sharing an unedited version of how I truly feel about the season at hand. At this point of surrender, I meet his grace once again.

He is the God who sees, who comforts, and who gently guides us to his living waters that do not run dry. As I receive my provision from him I begin to accept the present season with an open heart and joy returns to my soul.

I discovered through the soul-scorching summers of the past if I walk with Jesus through the unfair and hard parts of each day, rather than resist his help or try to make my own way, he shows me a new life-giving path straight through my soul that yields fruitful refinement. He cultivates contentment, shows me how my weakness is truly my strength and produces a spiritual transformation that holds more eternal value than any trip to the pool could.

In the tension of life, good things do grow, even if the harvest comes at a later time within our souls.

May we keep our hearts open to the Good Shepherd’s leading.

May we find respite for our soul in his still waters and quiet pastures no matter how much summer stretches us.

May we be enlightened to a heavenly perspective of our season and return our eyes to eternity.

May our minds, hearts, and bodies be strengthened by the Spirit of God.

May his will be done in us and our families as we continually surrender to him.

May we remember he is God with us in every season and in every day.

A prayer for summer:

Father, in the long summer days, may I remain aware of your love song serenade. Through the long hours and repetitive days, may my hands remain open to your ways. May I stay content in my season’s melody, rather than exhausting my soul in jealousy. When park trips turn into fits and my soul wants to fall into the dark abyss, I ask for your provision to intervene through my desperation. Provision to flourish and be free, to run wild and see from your perspective clearly.Thank you for a leisurely pace, for this bright weather, and an opportunity to grow in unity together. May I see you in the midst of my days because my gaze is set on your ways. Amen.


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