My Testimony.

Vulnerable and angry

Inside pain’s door,

Broken and breathless

Couldn’t take it anymore

Shortcomings screaming

Body weary from the fight,

Tried to push You away

Wanted out of your sight

Your compassion so high,

Your love so deep,

I did not earn it

Yet, You rescued me

Burdened by repentance

I surrendered it all,

Clinging to your promises

I accepted the call

“Come and follow Me”

You offered in grace,

I accepted your hand

As You set me in rightful place

Now as a Daughter

You gently healed my heart,

Found You as Father

And received a fresh start

Tenderly hidden in dark

Truth bound my wounds,

Cultivating intercession

You expanded my heart’s rooms

No longer a clanging cymbal

Or a noisy gong,

You gave my heart

A brand new love song

The imperfect journey was worth it

Rescued, mended, and freed,

My reborn cry is now

“Here I am, Father, send me.”


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