Let's Hear it for the Mamas!

"But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

2 Corinthians 12:9-10

This scripture selection fully embodies my motherhood journey thus far.

I’ll be quick to admit it has felt intimidating to put words around a space that is sacred and resonates outside the boundaries of human dimensions. But, I believe God’s power works best in our weakness. And, obedience. It is a conviction and a gift I choose to walk in even when I feel weak and, in all vulnerability, fearful.

I pray the words sewn here locate the hearts who need to hold them, the ears who need to hear them, and soothe the very souls who find them.

No matter the season you occupy, whether you are a mom in the trenches, a mom in the waiting, a mom of unconventional needs, a mom longing to embrace again, a mom stewarding children in need of a family, a mom bearing the weight alone, a mom of spiritual sons and daughters, or a mom of an empty space, this is a Home for you, Friend. In all of your strength and in all of your weakness, YOU are welcome here.

What a tender hold motherhood has on the soul. A space filled with depths of beauty and for many, deep sorrow. A space some long to embrace, and others entered with surprise. A space some felt they instantly belonged, and others stumbled to find their place. A space that was not quite the way they envisioned it to be furnished and decorated. A space holding unexpected grief and loss. A space of unfathomable joy and exhaustion. A space filled with a love so deep it hurts. A space where victories and failures wed. A space of surrendering and gathering, nurture and discipline, and desperate prayers. A space His sovereignty reigns.

Whatever your journey might be, it is honored here.

Moms, our role is profound. A role, at its core, has the gospel as its training manual. Stretched past paper thin, exhausted, with a view of many unmet needs, you are worthy. Covered in bodily fluids, teaching a concept for the hundredth time, at a crossroads of a big decision, releasing children into adulthood, we are a reflection of the gospel to our family. Time and time again releasing our entitlement and desires for the good of our family, believing hope will strengthen our very soul again. We are an echo of the Spirit of God that carries our children into eternity.

Our most fragile moments stewarded in tears and truth are held in the hands of Jesus and never go unseen.

I am convinced as a mother rises in her identity, places her stake in the ground, and covers in prayer and intercession the hearts entrusted to her care, it ignites a flame that cannot be put out.

The mantle of motherhood is fierce and gentle, roaring and kind, strong and graceful, correcting and compassionate, with the covering of a Love that bears all things. You are a Mother who fears the Lord and you are praiseworthy.

In all of our strength, weakness, confidence, and doubt, the Kingdom of God needs us. The Kingdom of God needs Mothers of all seasons, journeys, and diversity to inherit their rightful place. Not only to mother those in our home in the confidence of our identity as Daughter, but the hearts beyond our home. The mothering in schools, hospitals, churches, therapy sessions, piano lessons, soccer practice, businesses, airports, and retirement homes. We need mothers to bend down even further, in the strength of God, to nourish and offer reinforcement to the community of hearts surrounding her.

As a single 20-something serving in the local youth group, those young girls need your unconditional love, godly guidance, and patient correction. It is their saving grace. To the veteran mother of an empty nest, the mothers of young children need your reassuring words to refresh their weary hearts. Beloved school teachers, you are depositing confidence and belief in the very hearts of the children in your classroom and that investment will produce dividends. You are so valued. To the NICU nurse who advocates and cares for fragile babies, championing care givers with patience, and yet is left to process devastating endings: The world NEEDS your mothering.

You, my Friend, are that mother, and I applaud you. We need Mothers to safely capture those around her that do not have an anchor and say to them: “I got you now. And you will grow. I will see to it by lavishing Love upon your soul.”

For this is the time to step up, step out, in all our weakness and humility and band together in unity as mothers. Let’s declare, in the name of Jesus, despite differences, mistakes, or weakness, we will be the sisterhood of Mothers this generation needs, held together by the power of the living God. This is an unmatched force that cannot be destroyed. Mothers have the opportunity to be the conduit of healing for the brokenness of this world.

You are already doing it. And you’ve got MORE in you. Keep watering those seeds. They will grow into eternity. God is on your side, delighting in you, having compassion for you, strengthening you, speaking wisdom, and creating all things new through you. Walk with Him, talk with Him, abide in Him through the ordinary moments of the day. Take hold of the life of freedom being who He created you to be: A rightful Daughter with a rich heritage. A Mother of this generation.

I honor you for your care, sacrifice, unconditional love, and faithfulness. I honor you for the things only God knows about that has transformed into treasure in heaven. I honor you for taking the place that was emptied and pouring out grace. You are a reflection of the heart of God and I honor you today.

Happy Mother’s Day to you,



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