A poem for Special Needs Mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mothers of children with unique abilities, special needs, and unconventional artistry.

“In your tension, good things will grow. I am the respite for your soul, Let me welcome you with comfort, nourish you in peace. I take care of your child now, and will when you leave. In your fear, or longing for escape, I am near, and your sorrow I’ll reshape. The depth of loss, I will sustain. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I remain. Look up to me, Dear Child, for in a little while, All things will be new, created just for them and you. Draw from my grace, Never turning away. Look past the unaware stares and haze, Just linger in your Little One’s gaze. Typical and unconventional, I see you holding them tight, They are all so precious in my sight.”

Friend, may you laugh at the time to come knowing the Author of life has written your story with love and bound it in hope. May your joy be full and complete, lacking no good thing.

Much love to you from a fellow unconventional Mama-



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