Hi, Friend,

I'm Lauren!

Once upon a time, I was a woman under the influence of striving and falsely believed everything was under my control. At my breaking point, Jesus intercepted my soul and revealed to me a new Way that transformed the trajectory of my life.

My personal mission is to mediate hearts with God’s heart for their lives.

Through writing, speaking, and leading a mentorship program, it is my heart’s delight to serve women globally.

I have a tender place in my heart for special-needs moms, being one myself, so I founded The Caregiving Mom to provide special-needs moms with spiritual respite, caring conversation, and biblical encouragement.

My heart longs to see women build their lives upon the sustaining, Solid-Rock, of Jesus. When He is the foundation of our life, He enables us to stand strong in Him no matter the climate of our season.

​I have a love for “baking and praying,” making my family laugh, dancing with my kids, being active outside in God’s creation, reading ALL the books, putting pen to paper, and I find great joy in researching and learning new things.


I pray you are greeted by the perfectly peaceful Host, our Friend Jesus, at the entry of this online residence.

Schedule a time to chat with me here, it would be my privilege to guide you to God’s heart for your life, my friend.

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