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Lauren D. Crow

Mediating women's hearts with God's heart through mentoring, speaking, and writing.

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Encouraging your heart through biblical teaching and application.

Special-Needs Moms

A place for moms of special-needs children to receive biblical encouragement, spiritual respite, and caring community. 



New Castle, Australia

"Lauren's kind heart, godly wisdom, and desire to connect women with their loving and faithful Father shines through her teachings in an encouraging and non-judgmental way. The world needs more of Lauren's Holy Spirit led words and Bible-based discipleship. Thank you, Lauren, for serving God and His people with your open heart. I look forward to participating in her next online class and hope to book a one-on-one with her soon."


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Lauren has been a voice of wisdom in my life for five years. Her gift of encouragement is so obvious in helping women navigate through the challenges of life. I’m so thankful she said yes to her calling!" 


Grand Prairie, Texas

"There is so much I could say about Lauren, through her encouragement, teachings, and leadership I have learned to cultivate and grow in my relationship with the Lord. Among the many things I have learned, she has taught me how to hear from the Lord, how to grow closer to him, and how to overcome spiritual warfare. It has been a blessing to know her and I am so grateful for the numerous times she has helped guide me through the many challenges I have faced. She is a true beacon of light and an amazing, leader, teacher, and friend." 

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